What you get

Services as part of your package.

Our web design packages are suitable for any business seeking to improve their online presence. It will be a place your clients can visit to learn more about you to get in contact. All websites we create will be fully responsive for all screen sizes. Once the website is build, the following services are included as part of any package that you choose.

We use the popular CMS WordPress for our website designs. The framework is almost infinitely customizable and it is also great for SEO.

No. Whilst we have the ability to do that, we focus solely on websites which will give small and medium sized companies the online presence they need. This allows us to get the websites completed and online in a timely manner.

Not to worry. You will have access to your website before it goes live and can make any revisions you like until you are happy with it.


We will both design and develop your website to high standards ensuring they are fast, fully responsive and user friendly. Improving your online presence.


We host all websites we build on our own hosting. We use SiteGround for this purpose, the websites we build get a wide range of benefits used to ensure safety, speed, and efficiency.


Our maintenance services are highly beneficial, they protect your website from any malicious attacks sometimes used to target old plugins. We ensure to keep your website maintained at all times.


You will be given a personal WhatsApp number which you can contact 7 days a week, 10 hours per day for all your supporting needs. This is where you can contact us for any updates or edits you want to make to your website.

Basic SEO

We will build your website with SEO in mind. Once completed, we will optimise your website and get it indexed by Google, meaning that your business can be found easier in the search engine.


You will have the ability to request unlimited edits to your website. Edits include content changes, image changes and moving sections around. For more information visit our faqs.


Depending on your package, you can have multiple custom emails ending in your business name. This allows you to appear much more professional to your clients than having a regular Gmail or Outlook email.


We will update all themes and plugins used on your website on a weekly basis. This ties into the maintenance side of things allowing your website to be secure and lighting fast.


It is important that to have backups in place, just to be prepared for the worst case scenario. This is why at Visiweb we ensure to take daily backups of your website to ensure there will not be any issues.


As part of your package, your website comes included with a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which is the padlock you see in the left of the URL. This tells search engines that your site is secure and prevents people being warned against it.


We will purchase the domain of your choosing for you as part of your package. If you already own a domain, then we will transfer it or point it to our hosting provider and cover next 12 months renewal costs.


Included are both the cookie policy and privacy policy for your website. These pages do not count towards the pages included in your package and will be added by us free of charge.